mommy and me. {phoenix, family photographer}

Oct 2, 2017

love. laughter. life.
I met Jill many years ago, she is a photographer as well and would see her here and there, and was always in awww of the beautiful work she created.  Then a few years back I moved to the downtown area and ran into her at target, and decided I was gonna make it my mission to become her friend.  I wore her down and I am so glad I did – she shares her laughter with us all and is one of the most positive encouraging people I know.  She asked if I could take some pics of her and one of the cutest little guys I know and I jumped at it… I have not done too many mommy and me sessions and I LOVED it! It’s just about being with your little one, getting some laughs, loving on them… Really, what could be better?

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