erin + dave {phoenix, wedding photographer}

Feb 16, 2016

love. fun. laughter.
I met Erin over 15 years ago, we met day 1 on a journey we took across the world.  Heading out on the open water we traveled for 100 days on a ship to visit many different countries on Semester at Sea. You get to know someone real quick when you are on a boat for days at a time and I was lucky enough to have found her right off!  Through the years we have traveled for our studies, traveled for fun, been roommates, we have laughed together, cried together (you should see her cry at a commercial/tv show/movie -its amazing) and kept our friendship strong even though we have lived in different states for a while.  I feel lucky to have her in my life and I now feel really happy that she has met Dave and will be starting her life out with him in a few months.  You guys rock and thank you for letting me capture some moments of you two! Can’t wait for the wedding!



  1. April Roach-Dautlich says:

    What an incredible collection of photos of two incredible people! Beautifully done, Emily! <3

  2. Alexandra Garces says:

    ⚓️ great job Em. E- you both look beautiful- congratulations, you deserve every happiness and smile through this journey in love. I will smile and try not to remind you of one of my nicknames in college being Lola- it was 15 years ago roomie- but I smiled when I saw the pic! Wish you all the best today and always !

  3. Jennifer Mallett Redlinger says:

    Emily!!! These are amazing captures! You are incredible behind that lens! Every shot….awesome.

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