these sweet three {phoenix, family photographer}

Jan 27, 2016

three.  home.  love.
Things have changed quite a bit since the last time I got to hang out with two of these three – it was their wedding day with no little one in site!! (check out the photos HERE) I love that I got to go back to the same place and capture what their life is like now with their sweet little one!!
2016-01-27_00012016-01-27_00022016-01-27_00032016-01-27_00042016-01-27_00052016-01-27_00062016-01-27_00072016-01-27_00082016-01-27_0009 (2)2016-01-27_0009 (3)2016-01-27_0009 (4)2016-01-27_00092016-01-27_00102016-01-27_00112016-01-27_00142016-01-27_00152016-01-27_00162016-01-27_00182016-01-27_00192016-01-27_00202016-01-27_0021

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