year in review – 2015 {phoenix, photographer}

Dec 28, 2015

2015. memories. passion.
A few days ago I started to pull up some of my sessions from 2015 and thought I would take you guys down Emily Piraino Photography’s memory lane.  Not only do I feel so lucky that I get to work with all these great people and capture beautiful memories in their life, but look at all the cool places I get to travel! This year I have been to Ohio (my home state!), California, Washington, many cities in Arizona, Hawaii – people have let me into their homes, we’ve hit up downtown areas and locations where we have to do a bit of trekking to get to – people have let me document their special wedding day, their new babies, and families that have been going strong for years!  I have had people tell me that I have made them cry (tears of joy) laugh, and thank me for capturing special moments!
I want to send out a heartfelt thank you to all my clients whom I really believe have become friends – Thank you for letting me be apart of your lives, letting me create art with you and your families and letting me lead a life that I have always dreamed about.  Cheers to a wonderful 2015 and an even better 2016!
2015-12-16_00032015-12-28_0001 2015-12-16_0004
2015-12-16_0007 2015-12-16_0008 2015-12-16_0009
2015-12-26_00022015-12-16_0012 2015-12-16_0011 2015-12-16_0014
2015-12-16_0015 2015-12-16_00132015-12-16_0016 2015-12-16_0017 2015-12-16_00182015-12-16_0019 2015-12-16_00202015-12-16_0021 2015-12-16_0022 2015-12-16_0023 2015-12-16_00242015-12-16_0025 2015-12-16_0026 2015-12-16_00272015-12-16_0028 2015-12-16_0029 2015-12-16_0030 2015-12-16_00312015-12-16_0032 2015-12-16_0033 2015-12-16_0034 2015-12-16_00352015-12-16_0036 2015-12-16_0037 2015-12-16_0038 2015-12-16_0039 2015-12-16_0040 2015-12-16_0041 2015-12-16_0042 2015-12-16_0043 2015-12-16_0044 2015-12-16_0045 2015-12-16_00462015-12-26_00012015-12-16_00472015-12-16_00482015-12-16_00492015-12-16_00502015-12-16_00512015-12-16_00522015-12-16_00532015-12-16_00542015-12-16_00552015-12-16_00562015-12-16_00572015-12-16_00582015-12-16_00592015-12-16_00602015-12-16_00612015-12-16_00632015-12-16_00652015-12-16_00672015-12-16_00682015-12-16_00692015-12-16_00702015-12-22_00012015-12-16_0071

  1. Megan Haslam Stolfa says:

    Awesome post!

  2. Crystal English Markowsky says:

    Love, love, love! And I love seeing so many friends of ours, too!

  3. Debby Piraino says:

    Amazing!! You are such a talent ….love seeing all your work

  4. Jean Millare Reid says:

    So cool! Fun to have made it in the stroll down memory lane!

  5. Lauren Piraino Donatelli says:

    Dude… You freaking ROCK!

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