little italy. {san diego, family photographer}

Aug 16, 2015

breeze. texture. glow.
I just got back San Diego, where I traveled to do some family sessions.  Not only did it allow me to get out of 112 degree heat, but I got to hang out with this awesome crew.  We picked Little Italy to do our shoot and it was awesome, the textures and lighting were amazing and I am pretty sure this is where I want to move!

  1. Janice Hurley says:

    GORGEOUS You captured the city and the beauty of this family Congratualtions to everyone. Stellar Totally first class. When you are down next time let me know………………I woudl love some fun photos with Travis Kirk

  2. Lisa Velazquez says:

    Absolutely stunning!

  3. Mo Garcia says:

    Omg! I love!!!

  4. Aimee Robinette Cutts says:

    Beautiful pictures!

you said:

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