lauren + ben = love in hawaii {phoenix, wedding photographer}

Jun 3, 2015

love.  beginnings.  serenity.
I met Lauren while I was back shooting in Cincinnati, we both grew up there but now live in different cities.  I could tell right away that I liked her a lot (and that is not just because I think most people from Cincy are rad) we chatted about what she does, where she was moving and the man she was in love with!  I was lucky enough to shoot their engagement session up in San Fransico where I got to meet Ben. My first impression of him was how genuine he is and how much these two dig each other!!  Months go by and I got to travel to Hawaii for their big day!! I have to say it was FANTASTIC!! The location they choose was breathtaking and I could not have felt luckier that I got to shoot their most special day.  I could go on and on and on about what an amazing day it was but I figure the pictures do better justice.  (warning: an overload of an amazing couples wedding day is about to happen!)



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    AMAZING! Truly.

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