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Mar 2, 2015

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Here is a post that has nothing to do with me taking pictures, but just the opposite.  A few months ago I decided I wanted to have my pictures taken, I needed some updated photos to put on my website, blog and social media.  As much as I love being behind the camera is about as much as I don’t enjoy being in front of it… or so I thought.  I spent hours trying to figure out what to wear, and there was just one of me  (well Hoover did not need anything fancy) and trying to figure out what I wanted to show in my pictures.  Like I shoot you guys, I just wanted to show my energy so that when I look back at these I remember who I was at this time of my life. Trevor (my awesome photographer) showed up and made it so much easier then I had expected.  We spent some time at my house because I want to show my clients and friends a little bit more about me and my surroundings, and then we went a mile south and spent some time in the arts district in Phoenix.  Since you guys let me into your life, I just wanted to invite you into mine a bit.



  1. Melissa Collins Bunke says:

    Love, love, love!

  2. Angela DiLullo Abdoo says:

    Beautiful smile, hair, outfits, & YOU! Great colors & Cute Hoover! And being from OH love all the light!

  3. Jill Richards says:

    You are so stinkin’ cute. I love your smile and energy. …And Hoover is pretty darn amazing.

  4. Darlene Taylor Shelton says:

    Just gorgeous! Stunning! Thx for sharing! You are beautiful inside and out!

  5. Beth Allcott Yost says:

    Thank you for sharing! Love it!

  6. Stacey Davidson says:

    I love those homes in down town Phoenix! The best!

  7. Alexandra Garces says:

    Love them all- BEAUTIFUL!! But I have always told you that- and nothing changed in almost 15 years- ☺️

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