spring in bloom {phoenix, family photographer}

Mar 1, 2014

I got a text from my sister the other day, that was complaining about not having any new blog posts lately.  I had not even realized that the last session I shared was two months ago.  There has been a lot of change in 2014 and only see things getting better and better.  I have moved to downtown Phoenix this past month (which is why I have been too busy to blog), a location that I have wanted to live in for a while.  There are some amazing areas down here, some history and cultural, everything I have been looking for.  Downtown Phoenix is a small compared to other large cities, here most everything is spread out.  But what I am digging about where I live now, is that it feels like a community.  I love that while I was shooting this session A.) it was in walking distance of where I live and B.) while we were out taking pictures I saw a friend riding her bike to go get dinner.  This makes me happy.  Anyway back to this session, this gorgeous family and I walked around our neighborhood (they are my neighbors now!) and found some great spots.  It is spring time right now, colors are out in full force, and let me tell you the smells are amazing… there are citrus trees blooming, honeysuckle and I always forget the name of the plant but it smells like grape gum!  Looking forward to many more shoots in the next few weeks to capture all this greatness!

I wish you could see how fast she was going… she was on a mission. 🙂2014-03-01_00032014-03-01_00042014-03-01_00052014-03-01_00062014-03-01_00072014-03-01_00082014-03-01_00092014-03-01_00102014-03-01_00112014-03-01_0013


  1. Olivia M Pulido says:

    Que bonitas

  2. Jeri Eilders says:

    I love that little girls attitude!

  3. Crystal English Markowsky says:

    Her determination is awesome!

  4. Janice Hurley-Trailor says:

    These are great Emily l Love how you highlight the colors and their family dynamics !!

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