going home {phoenix, family photographer}

Dec 2, 2013

air.  laughter.  play.
I always hear from friends, clients and family that I have the best job.  I get to travel, I get to capture amazing moments, I get to see so many wonderful things and go to many events.  When they tell me this the only response I have is… ‘yes, I really do’.  I LOVE what I do.  I can not imagine doing anything different.  I have been taking pictures since I was 16 and I knew right away, and to this day there is nothing else that I want to be doing.  Another one of the perks is that it lets me reconnect with friends from the past.  I get to see what they are up to, meet their families and have some good old laughs about old time.  Shooting Jen and her family at the Cincinnati Observatory was a blast.  They were so at ease in front of the camera – showing their true souls which are light with laughter and a playfulness.

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