A mother daughter bond. {phoenix, family photographer}

Nov 22, 2013

bond. cherish. motherhood.
I have been photographing these two ladies for three years now and one of my favorite parts is watching their bond grow.  We met up at a location that I have never shot at before, but am lucky enough to have a friend in Cincy that scouts out amazing spots for me. We got to enjoy the crisp air and skip a few rocks!

  1. Donna Manley Miller says:

    Beautiful pictures Darlene!!

  2. MegHan Watkins says:


  3. Christy Diuguid Gorden says:

    Beautiful and so sweet!

  4. Sharon Wilson says:

    These are priceless!! Awesome pictures!

  5. Sady I. Diaz says:

    The pictures ate beyond adorable!

  6. Karen Schell says:

    Beautiful Darlene & Sammi♥

you said:

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