west seattle {phoenix, family photographer}

Sep 2, 2013

light. peace. family.
The Bermans and I met out on West Seattle and got to shoot a bit in the trees and then headed toward the water – they are an amazingly cute family! Some people just tend to feel natural in front of the camera, I am not one of them, but these three were.
Living in Phoenix, I am always AMAZED when I go to cities like Seattle… I could pretty much do a photo shoot anywhere there. North, West, South, East…. It is all gorgeous up there! I have come to love shooting in the desert, but traveling this summer makes me a little jealous of what is out there!Editing these pictures made me want to jump back in the car for another road trip! I guess I will just have to wait a few days until I head back to Kelley’s Island in Ohio.

  1. Linda Chapman says:

    Katie what great pictures of your family.

  2. Evelyn Bowman says:

    This is a bit late, but I loved them all. They are wonderful pictures. I’m so proud of you.

you said:

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