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Jul 10, 2013

energy. family. funny.
Sarah is the lucky winner of the session giveaway and I could not have been happier that she won… And she worked hard for it!! She must have come back and re-entered every day and promoted me something fierce, which I TRULY appreciated!  She is one of the co-owners of Main Street Cupcakes a cute cupcake shop in northern Ohio, is friends with my sister and I can say proudly that she is a friend of mine now too.  While I was in town we worked out a few times and Sarah and her sister Kimmy (also in these photos) took me to Pure Barre – and it kicked my butt!  My motto is once you sweat with someone you are insta friends… its what a good workout does 🙂  What I really enjoy most about these girls though is that Kim and Sarah as sisters remind me of me and my sister.  Such love.

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