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Jul 3, 2013

boy. girl. twins.
Today or tomorrow might be a pretty exciting day for our family. My sister may be adding more joy into this world… and it will be double the pleasure! I feel like I have been waiting for these little firecrackers (which will be an even cuter nickname if they are born on the 4th of July) forever, so you can only imagine how Lauren feels! When I was back in Ohio last month I got to shoot some pics of my sis and my nephews Sam and Ben, and as I look at these pictures I get teary eyed. These little boys have my heart and to think that I get to love two more babies as much as I do them, makes my heart swell. I can only phathom the love a parent has for a child if this is how I feel about nieces and nephews. If you read this today, lets just send some give vibes out to Lauren and Steve and hope for an easy delivery and two healthy babies!
– I shared what a week in their life looked like last year, if you want to see those check them out HERE.

  1. Angela DiLullo Abdoo says:

    Your pictures show the LOVE in each moment! You capture the most beautiful expressions! They bring tears to my eyes. You have said that you are not a writer & so are a photographer. Your pictures speak volumes! Thanks for sharing them.
    Bless you!
    PS. Looking forward to hear good news about the twins, Lauren, Steve, Sam, Ben and your next post!

    • emily piraino photography says:

      Thanks Angela! They are one of the most amazing families I know… And I am not just saying that because they are family. Can’t wait to meet the little babes!

  2. Gail and Dad says:

    Beautiful thanks love you

  3. Susie schmitt says:

    So beautiful! We are so excited to meet these bundles too! What a wonderful post about an amazing family!

    • emily piraino photography says:

      Susie, I am so jealous that you guys will get to hang with the babies!! You will have to whisper to them when you meet them that their auntie Em loves them 🙂

  4. Sarah says:

    Glorious!! Love that sister of yours! Great shots

  5. Liz Brindley says:

    Beautiful pics!!!! So happy for them!!!

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