back to the desert {phoenix, family photographer}

Oct 25, 2012

After a long summer of traveling the country, I am back in my home town and shooting in the desert.  I have to say it feels a little weird and I was a little nervous to be shooting in the harsh sun where there are no trees or shade to help calm it… Well let me just say my nerves were put to rest when I started shooting the Lattuca family.  We had so much fun, they were playing, laughing, when the planes flew over they were flying and when Cory pulled out his phone to play some music it started an all out dance party.  All in all an awesome shoot!

  1. Megan says:

    I always love seeing photos of friends on your blog … it is easy to imagine Annie’s laughter during your photo shoot when looking at these pictures! My favorites, not that you’re necessarily asking, include the first one, the cute glance back, Leia’s priceless face straight at the camera and her sass in the silhouette! Thanks for giving me a lovely break from work!

you said:

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