esser family {seattle, family photographer}

Sep 1, 2012

Sometimes, I walk away from a shoot and I know I nailed it. This was one of them. Everything fell into place, I loved the lighting, Gas Works Park  fit this family’s energy, my models were beautiful, and we all felt comfortable with each other. Alicia was my first roommate after college. I had moved back to Ohio after graduation for a few months and decided that I wanted AZ to be my home. My friends had all found roommates so I was in search of a place to stay, when some friends told me that a girl they knew was looking for one and they were for sure that I would love her. Well they were right! Alicia brings out a calmer me, her energy brings me to a place that I like. I feel like being around her and now her family is like taking a deep breath and feeling the goodness around you. I am also pretty sure that these photos show exactly what I am talking about, they were so amazing in front of the camera. It was like they knew how to move their bodies, when they need to ignore me and just be, when to laugh and goof around and they were all so comfortable in being close with one another.

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