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Aug 27, 2012

This is more of a personal blog for me… Bear with me, if you know me or follow my blog you know I am an awful writer. However, I wanted to say a few words to go with these photos. One of my stops on my summer tour was in Hudson, Ohio. My sister and her family live in this quaint little town and it is actually one of my favorite places to photograph. Yes, it is near Cleveland, but believe me it is SUPER cute. Anyways, while I was here this past summer I wanted to shoot throughout my whole week, capture what her life is like.
Lauren, my older sister is my hero… In so many ways. Her strength is beyond anything I know, she has a sense of unconditional love that boggles my mind, she has humor that ticks me off because I thought I was the funny one, and a her style is amazing. I am a single gal that loves my carefree lifestyle – Lauren and I could not be any more different in how we live – yet I can easily say she is my best friend. (She might think I am a little too quirky for her taste, but she is stuck with me) We call each other way too much, sometimes we realize that we have been on the phone but have not said anything for a few minutes. I talk about her family, almost to much, kinda like it is my own.  My  friends have heard all the boys stories twice, but  I am pretty sure they would rather hear those stories then the ones about my a 6 year old Boston Terrior that farts too much.  She is married to an amazing man, and has had three beautiful boys. These boys have my heart.
These photos are my way of saying to them that I love them, when words fail me I have my camera to show people how I feel. This is their life as 6 days show it.



  1. Kerry says:

    So beautiful in so many ways.

  2. Connie Donatelli says:

    Emily, this is awesome! Looking forward to updates!

  3. Dawn Forst says:

    Em–these are all so beautiful. You capture joy in your pictures. Thank you so much for sharing. Made me cry.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Aunt Dawn!! I stayed up til 2am last night going over all the great pictures I had gotten. Showing Lauren’s love for those boys is easy.

  4. Megan says:

    I have only met my “birthday sister,” in real life, maybe 2 times. I’ve been there a few times when you’ve face-timed her (can that be used as a verb?!) because I sometimes, creepily, hang out with you and your dog more than normal, when I have a husband ;). And I’ve emailed Lauren a handful of times to get sewing advice. Not enough to say you feel like you “know” a person … until I see a blog post like this. With your verbal stories about her and her boys, along with these photo stories, I have a picture of what an amazing woman your sister is! I love that I can almost “hear” you guys laughing through these photos. Em, you just keep getting better! (P.S. I love your dog, so you can keep talking about him too!)

  5. Charles Wilson says:

    beautiful pictures and family

  6. Marian Dorna says:

    I absolutely loved these pictures. Sam with his carrot, Ben with his squinched up nose, all four of them smiling so brightly!
    It was a real treat looking at all of them.

  7. Marian Dorna says:

    Fogot,I love Sam’s bow ties!

  8. Hadley says:

    Beautiful! Love them all…you are an amazing photographer (with some great models 🙂 )

  9. […] Today or tomorrow might be a pretty exciting day for our family. My sister may be adding more joy into this world… and it will be double the pleasure! I feel like I have been waiting for these little firecrackers (which will be an even cuter nickname if they are born on the 4th of July) forever, so you can only imagine how Lauren feels! When I was back in Ohio last month I got to shoot some pics of my sis and my nephews Sam and Ben, and as I look at these pictures I get teary eyed. These little boys have my heart and to think that I get to love two more babies as much as I do them, makes my heart swell. I can only phathom the love a parent has for a child if this is how I feel about nieces and nephews. If you read this today, lets just send some give vibes out to Lauren and Steve and hope for an easy delivery and two healthy babies! -I shared what a week in their life looked like last year, if you want to see those check them out HERE. […]

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