a blast from the past {phoenix family photographer}

Jul 3, 2012

This blog brings a smile to my heart… and also makes me feel OLD. Let me bring you all into the loop, when I was in college I used to head home to Cincinnati for summers and spend my days with three sweet little girls. They were 4, 6, and 8 when I started and I LOVED my time with them. We spent a lot of time at the pool, playing outside and laughing. These really were fantastically charming children. Now we are in present day and they are 21, 19, and 17. What?! How did that happen? I sent an email to their mom a few months back just to say hi and catch up, I had not heard from them in a few years and wanted to see how they were doing. I immediately got an email back saying she was just about to contact me, they were heading out to Scottsdale and wanted to catch up. Heck yeah, I totally wanted to see them. It turned into a day affair where we headed up to Sedona for a photo shoot and dinner. I was super nervous when I arrived at their hotel, I had not seen them and wondered if they actually even remembered me. When I walked in all my nerves disappeared. They really are the family I remembered. During our drive we reminisced on what we used to do back in the day, they reminded me that I use to make them wait for an ice-cube to melt after they ate lunch before they could swim again, that I use to wipe off salt from my fries and that the little one had a crush on my best guy friend. I wanted to share pictures from our shoot, also the first set of photos was from our summer days… This may have been my very first ‘photo shoot’, what a long way we have all come!!



  1. Eileen Dunn says:

    you do beautiful work. The Graff family pictures are wonderful thank you. If you are ever in Pennsylvania please get in touch!!

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