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Jun 7, 2012

I had a friend/client came to me wanting to purchase a gift card to give to a friend for her baby shower. I thought what a great gift and wanted to learn a bit more about the family, so I knew who would be calling. I had no idea what an amazing story I was about to hear. The Campagnola family were starting their family out a little bit differently then most. They were adopting a baby from Ethiopia.
These are Kate’s words about how her family started…
The basic story was that We started the process almost 2 years ago. We got the referral for him in Sept, which is when we got our first picture of him, which I think was taken at 4 months, and he was 7.5 months at the time of the referral. We traveled to Ethiopia over Christmas for 10 days where we met him and appeared in Ethiopian Federal Court where we were granted legal guadianship for him. We toured some of the country at that time. We then returned to the US and waited for submittal to and then approval from the US Embassy which we got on April 10th. We then almost immediately traveled back to Ethiopia, taking custody of him on April 16 and he then became a US citizen on April 20 when he entered the country. His given name is Sintayehu. We’ll have his name legally changed to Taye Sintayehu Campagnola. Taye is the name we picked long ago before we even knew we were getting a boy. The cool things about his name and why I think he was meant to be ours is, Taye is in the spelling of Sintayehu (pronounced Sin-Ty-Hu). They also have similar meanings. Taye meaning: He has been seen. Sintayehu meaning:How much I have seen. Crazy how similar!
Kate and Pat – It was amazing taking your new family pictures. I am impressed at your strength and patience for starting your family and the love that I see you give this little boy that you worked so hard to get. He is one lucky little man and from the pictures I captured I think you can tell he knows it.



  1. Megan says:

    Love the story …. and the photos! You can’t get a more true picture than the one where he is running towards you. Awesome!

  2. Lauren says:

    Wow. Just wow.
    And I adore his Africa shirt. What a fantastic thing for him to wear. What an awesome family!

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