blaske family {cincinnati family photographer}

May 23, 2012

While in Cincinnati, visiting family and friends I got to meet up with the Blaske family. Jen and I go way back to the 7th grade. I have memories of us riding roller coasters at King’s Island (Jen do you remember our fake names we made up?!?), hanging out at her house and always being amazed at how her hair always looked perfect! Well some things never change and she still has gorgeous hair!! It was such a joy to meet up with her and her boys.

  1. Jennifer Blaske says:

    Hey Emily! Thank you thank you thank you! I absolutely love them. I’m so excited to see the rest I can’t stand it! We will have to do this again! Definitely let me know when you are in Cincy. … and yes I do remember our fake names and all the roller coaster riding at Kings Island. So much fun and lots of memories. I still have a picure of you and I in my bedroom at my parents that you took in the back of Mere’s car. Too funny but such a cute picture. Thanks again!
    Loved seeing you, Jen

    • admin says:

      I would love to see that photo you have some day!! So much fun seeing you guys and I hope you love the pictures for years to come!!

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