abbey turns two {phoenix family photographer}

Dec 11, 2011

I have been taking pictures of Abbey since she was born and after each shoot I think there is no way she can get any cuter.  BUT SHE DOES!.  We met up on Arizona State University’s campus this weekend a place that is special to Abbey’s parents since they got married there.  I am in love with this location!! I walked around campus a few days ago scouting out some good spots and it was so fun to go back to ASU and see the campus in a whole new light.  I spent many years here studying, socializing and just having fun.  With my new set of eyes, I saw architecture that I had not seen before, old buildings that have character and wonderful lighting, add that with a gorgeous family and you get these!

  1. Lauren says:

    She is edible! Great pics Em!

  2. Marian Dorna says:

    These are awesome!

you said:

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