Findlay Market

Nov 18, 2011

While in Cincinnati a few months ago I got to spend some time with my dad, we had a free morning so I let him and Gail give me a little tour of my home town.  I left Cincy when I was 18 years old for warmer weather and a college education at Arizona State.  On our excursion we checked out Findlay Market and some of the other downtown areas.  My pop told me that I have been to this market before but I have no recollection of it so it was seeing this area with fresh eyes.  After spending some time walking around, I wonder why I do not go to these type of events more often.  The weather was perfect and I had that feeling of peace, you know when you take a deep breath and feel complete.  It was such a fun morning and just wanted to share with you the Findlay Market through my eyes.




  1. Lauren says:

    I am in love with these!

  2. Gail says:

    Emily, These are really good – I’m wondering if you wrote to the Findlay Market Association whether they might be interested???

you said:

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