The Calfas Crew {San Diego Photographer}

Oct 5, 2011

The Calfas family and I had a bit of a rocky start to our photo session. On my way to San Diego I get a call from my buddy who lives there, and he told me to stock up on gas and get some water because San Diego was without electricity and they don’t know for how long. When I got there the streets were pitch black and I was wondering how my photo shoots were going to happen if people could not get ready. Lucky for me I got a hold of Karen and she said the shoot was on no matter what. Then the next morning we did not take into account that lights were still out– An hour after our shoot was supposed to start we got to it. It was a super foggy morning but once we got started we had a great time!! (Well we did have one banged up knee but she took it like a champ.)

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