beach days {san diego photographer}

Jul 21, 2011

This past weekend I went to California for my 4th annual San Diego family photo trip. It is a weekend I look forward to every year. I get to go with one of the most amazing people in my life, I met her sophomore year in college, and she has held a special place in my heart ever since. We started this trip 4 years ago visiting her brother to take pictures of him and his family and his wonderful wife sets up other family photo sessions for me. During this time Michele has welcomed Riley into her life and she now joins us on our girls weekend. Here are a few photos of Riley’s first dip in the water.



  1. Mom says:

    Love the pictures of Michelle and Riley. Wish I was there.

  2. Michele says:

    Em, You are truly amazing!!

  3. Jenny Whipple says:

    You capture the most amazing moments. Quintessential Riley love!

  4. Linda Fountain says:

    I love the pictures you take Emily. I miss seeing you and am grateful for your friendship with my wonderful daughter.

you said:

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