The Donatellis

Jul 11, 2011

My sister wanted to do some family photos while I was in town and of course I could not pass up taking pictures of this gorgeous crew. She wanted Jack be a part of the photos, so we included a ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ book and a lower case “j” in some of the photos. I love how their sweet angel can still be a part of the family photo.

  1. jacksjoy says:

    Love these Em. Love you.

  2. Hadley says:

    Great pics! I also love Lou’s time stamp on her comment! Ah, mamas with no sleep 🙂

  3. Christine says:

    Great pics Em..I love whe you have pics of the family it is a great way for me to keep up on everyone’s growing families. Not to mention your wonderful talent!!!

you said:

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