Aug 5, 2010

Today would have been my sweet nephew Jack’s 2nd birthday.  I only got to meet him twice since my sister lives in Ohio but those two times he stole my heart.  I do not have any children myself so I do not know that kind of love but I do know how much my heart has expanded since Sam and Jack have entered my life.  I wish more than anything that instead of having a heavy heart today that I could be harassing my sister to send Jack’s birthday pictures or feeling jealous that all of the midwest family got to be together to celebrate.  Today I am going to try to remember what Jack leaving us way to early has taught me… and that is to live life fully to really appreciate what I have and to love with my whole heart.  I love you sweet Jack and miss you terribly. 
It makes me happy to remember a little photo shoot I had with Jack and my sister…

For those of you who know my family or you want to see a video we put together of Jack my sister has it posted on her blog www.jacksjoy.wordpress.com



  1. jacksjoy says:

    Love you Em. So do Jack and Sam. Always.

  2. Stacey says:

    Those pictures are so beautiful. They bring tears to my eyes. You are an awesome auntie. Sending you love and hugs.

  3. Hadley says:

    Beautiful. Love you.

you said:

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